Tyler Paige

Hello, I am an artist, designer, and coder. I am thinking about visual & interactive narratives —
stories that tumble over the fingers

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Screenshot of the website
Title slide for a presentation called "Making Plans for Self-Growth
Screenshot of a presentation called "Responsive typography on the web"

Recently I have been teaching at Pratt and at Rutgers. I’ve been collecting my teaching materials—sometimes tutorials, sometimes emotional workshops, sometimes art assignment—to a portal I’m calling “The Center for Dizziness and Balance.”

The throughline between my teaching and my creative practice is to find useful disorientations: misheard phrases that spark interest; quick glances at the clock when a second feels strangely longer; sudden vividness when a truism feels deep. Therefore, the name here is taken from a rehabilitation center seen driving 65mph down the Garden State Parkway—the center between dizziness and balance.

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personality and imagination
multimedia and multichannel
wormhole to the gig economy
internet as clean commercial playground
internet as democratized utopia
internet as devious, seedy, anonymized
internet as surveillance dystopia
internet as "trashy" low culture
internet as niche, special interest, bizarre, and esoteric

These are slides from a lecture I gave at Mason Gross School of the Arts, about what makes an interesting project on the internet

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