Tyler Paige

Hello, I am an artist, designer, and coder. I am thinking about visual & interactive narratives —
stories that tumble over the fingers

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R&D is a website that is performed in front of an audience. The slideshow format is completed by a paranoid reading of a script. It is the story of an intern gone rogue.

Because of the performative nature of this piece, this website is available only to those who have the link. To request access, please email me.

Brief excerpt:

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A blue silk flag displaying a drawing a person standing in front of a laptop
A beige silk print, with the text "Vision becomes reality really realty"
A silk print with squiggles and a reflection of person in a computer screen
A silk print with a drawing of a clock
A silk print with the word "reality"

Prints on silk for my graduation show at Cooper Union.

10 November – 14 November 2015
7 East 7th Street
New York, New York 10001

Imagine you are trapped in a board room with Powerpoint presentations on all four walls, the ceiling, and the floor!

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