Tyler Paige

Hello, I am an artist, designer, and coder. I am thinking about visual & interactive narratives —
stories that tumble over the fingers


The first slide of the slideshow
A diagram that shows the different pathways a user can take through this presentation

Green Camp is the story of the story of Cooper Union’s lost green campus: a nature getaway that exists only in institutional memory, leaving current students yearning for its fabled pastures, lost with the school itself. But does the place live on without the esprit-de-corps that fed it for so many years? 3 young art students set on a quest to find out!

“I’m so sorry you’ll never get to experience that place.”

Green Camp: An A.R.T. Project is a multi-directional slideshow that is sometimes performed for an audience and sometimes sent out as a piece to be read. It is a proposal for a non-linear storytelling of the effects of nostalgia and esprit-de-corps in American higher education.

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A screenshot of a website with an endlessly descending navigation system

How could anyone ever arrive at a topic in a world like this?

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A title card displaying "Part 1: Leisure"
A title card displaying "Part 2: Work"

"Timeless in Times Square" is a short video about losing your sense of orientation while commuting to an office job in Times Square. With Broadway serving as its main axis, Time Square breaks from the grid and in fact is shaped like an hour glass. This shape conflicts the commuter's expectation of how space should recede: the streets taper off but then open back up — where is the horizon anyway under all these lights?

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A blue silk flag displaying a drawing a person standing in front of a laptop
A beige silk print, with the text "Vision becomes reality really realty"
A silk print with squiggles and a reflection of person in a computer screen
A silk print with a drawing of a clock
A silk print with the word "reality"

Prints on silk for my graduation show at Cooper Union.

10 November – 14 November 2015
7 East 7th Street
New York, New York 10001

Imagine you are trapped in a board room with Powerpoint presentations on all four walls, the ceiling, and the floor!

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Why do buildings have clocks? Or I suppose the better question is: why don’t buildings have clocks anymore?

Is it possible that the public keeping of time was abandoned so that workers never know when to leave the office?!

My boss is mad. He says, “If Nick can’t have it done by 5:00, he might as well not come back on Monday. But I don’t know what he means because Nick only works on Tuesdays and Thursdays and sometimes on Fridays between 12:00 and 4:00 but only if he hasn’t worked more than 20 hours earlier in the week. Nick never works on Mondays.

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