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Hello, I am an artist, designer, and coder. I am thinking about visual & interactive narratives —
stories that tumble over the fingers

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266 W 25 St was an open, artist-run space to be activated by a series of short-term projects. We choose not to brand nor give 266 W 25 St a defined mission—opting instead to allow participating artists to craft not only their projects but also the institutions that will surround their work. For every event or presentation held at 266 W 25th St, an institution was designed to best fit the content of the showing. These institutions shifted from one to another, perhaps smoothly, perhaps abruptly.

Part of this project’s program is to temporarily realize these fictional insitutions through design and creative writing. Often this takes the form of a short-term website. After the exhibitions end, the websites are archived.

Below you can find some archived exhibitions:

Anna Vila at The Department of Embodied Fantasy explores failed intimacy through prophetic technology.

Sebastian Quijada Link and The 10th International Convention on the Redrafting of the Oxford English Dictionary explores some alternatives.

Josiah Ellis & Everett Narciso present “Cold Water Trade” at Basement Economics LLC

Lydia Dresser & Moriah Askenaizer celebrate Oblivia’s Sweet 16 at Oblivia’s Parents’ House

The Association of Professional Poets United Incorporated meets biweekly at Pro’s Poetry

The Silver Screen presents a dysfunctional schedule of screenings

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  • David L. Johson
The first slide of the slideshow
A diagram that shows the different pathways a user can take through this presentation

Green Camp is the story of the story of Cooper Union’s lost green campus: a nature getaway that exists only in institutional memory, leaving current students yearning for its fabled pastures, lost with the school itself. But does the place live on without the esprit-de-corps that fed it for so many years? 3 young art students set on a quest to find out!

“I’m so sorry you’ll never get to experience that place.”

Green Camp: An A.R.T. Project is a multi-directional slideshow that is sometimes performed for an audience and sometimes sent out as a piece to be read. It is a proposal for a non-linear storytelling of the effects of nostalgia and esprit-de-corps in American higher education.

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A screenshot of a website with an endlessly descending navigation system

How could anyone ever arrive at a topic in a world like this?

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